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I can appreciate the atmospheric quality of Emily Winfield Martin's illustrations.  She has a great shop ( you may recognize her as The Black Apple )... might want to hop over there and peruse for a while.  Solid sweetness.


Ultimate Guide to Books / 4 / Holiday Gifts!

places to go people to see - kate spade book

I couldn't choose just one of these books for this week's pick, so I thought I'd cover all bases by making this a mini Holiday gift guide, if you're into that.  Such cool coffee table books, don't you think?  I imagine I'd crack out my hot cocoa to sip on while flipping through these bad boys...

design brooklyn - book

... also, cinnamon.  I mean, come on.

top with cinnamon - cookbook

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For Your Monday

believe it quote

Still one of my favs.

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Into the Weekend

At this very moment I'm beginning to feel sleepy from a rather intense week. But I'm about to head out to join friends for a festive music shindig downtown.  Think fifteen people on stage playing upright bass, drums, guitar, accordion, and on and on.  It'll be fun.  And tomorrow night... more holiday action.  I will be pleasantly exhausted come Monday morning, I'm sure.

For now, for you... some great links gathered from around the interwebs...


Find three hobbies you love...

Wouldn't these shoes be perfect for the holidays?

Photographs behind Norman Rockwell's iconic paintings

I've watched this on repeat about 2,354,876 times.

What a peaceful winter scene.  And this!

Must remember.

Happy weekend, friends.

[ confetti filled clutch ]


Holiday Gift Wrapping!

Sometimes I dream about wrapping gifts for a living.  Or not even for a living... just wrapping gifts for the fun of it, all the time. (But how cool would it be to make a living off it?  I want that.)
Anyhow, it's gettin' to that time when I buy gifts for the sole purpose of getting to decorate them all pretty-like, like these...

gift wrapping
gift wrapping
gift wrapping
gift wrapping

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