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butterfly jewelry- popko shop

Crystal Popko of Popko Shop is a beautifully skilled jeweler (she's also a super funny and happy person- so win-win).  Her background is in fine arts sculpture, but when the steel, plaster, cement and welding supplies wouldn’t fit in her space, her work got smaller...and smaller...

butterfly jewelry- popko shop

 And lucky for the world, too, because her real butterfly wing jewelry is something special.  Here's what she has to say about the sourcing of the wings, "All of my butterfly wings are from a Butterfly Conservation garden where the butterflies live their full lives until they naturally expire. The gardens collect the wings and I make jewelry with them. I feel this is a great way to reuse these wings so people can appreciate them long after their time." 

butterfly jewelry- popko shop

And then she has these glitter pop rings.  I've bought a few; they're exactly the sort of festive pop that spruces up bachelorette parties and New Year's bashes...

popko shop- glitter ring

Want to treat yourself to a pair of earrings or a necklace to capture the perfection of Summer?
There's so much more over at her shop... go love 'em up! 

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