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If you follow this blog, you may have been tipped off to my recent process of refining my work space + home, in general.  It's taking a while to get everything in the final layout stage, especially because Sebastian and I share our studio space; which is pretty funny to see... we are polar opposites in many ways.  So, on either side of our large main work table are our own separate spaces to make.  He's very utilitarian + I'm more, how shall I say, decorative.  Classic male/female stereotype at play.

But over the years, I have come up with my ideal creative space criteria.
These are my thoughts on an ultimate space:

1. Lots of natural light (above photo) - artificial lighting puts a real damper on the true nature of art + design work.  Since I do my work during the morning, afternoon, and night, my eyes require as much pure light as possible or else they start to feel strained... big windows (preferably on more than one wall) are the key.   And, for the nighttime, full spectrum + environmentally sustainable lighting, like these, help a whole lot, too.

2. Comfortable seating (below) -  Keep your bum and your muscles from getting angry with you. 

3. Neutral palette (photo below) - anyone who knows me may be surprised by my choice of this particular criteria.  But I have found that nice ivory walls and window treatments lighten up the space and, too, make it less likely that exterior colors will reflect onto whatever colors I'm working with which change from piece to piece.
Think of it as a clean slate to create from.

A large work table (above + below) - in addition to a desk for my computer, a separate table allows me the space to spread out my materials.  This is great for designing + constructing pieces... everything is in front of me so I can pick and choose from the puzzle pieces to create a new idea and, ultimately, a new collection.  Makes for a great big beautiful sight.

5. Good storage -  I cannot say this enough.  Good storage makes for a more productive + efficient work space;  a more productive + efficient work space makes for a happier maker.  And, I'll just throw this out there, a happier maker creates more awesome products.  To be honest, good storage is hard to come by for small and large spaces alike.  It's a personal process, but I prefer to have a spot for all my materials .   Less cluttered space = a less cluttered mind.  I'm still working on this!

This ongoing process requires trial + error and more research (and time + money)
I'll be back with some more ideas to share as I come across them.
In the meantime, if you'd like, stop by this Pinterest board to see what other studio spaces inspire me.

Happy making...

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