Into the Weekend

Half the weekend is already done and passed, but I'm holding to the memories of the tiny moments that lifted me; a sunshiny Friday afternoon on Main Street in Ventura, a surprise phone call from a friend who I haven't caught up with in forever, a leisurely stroll with Mars the Dog, opening a book that a friend passed along to me and having my eyes go straight to a sentence that altered the course of my day; coffee, babies, a light filled home, flowers, a vintage embroidered apron and an apron with strawberries that I scored at a yard sale (they're adorable).  Also, I'm ready to plan another party; along with designing the goods for my shop, it's my greatest creative passion these days.  Also also, I'm super excited to begin working with the company that will help to bring my branding + shop to the next level.  Aiming for a mid-Summer launch; my head is spinning dizzy over the anticipation.  I'll keep y'all posted.

In the meantime, some great links from around the web...

An 800 year old hymn, sung in a train station (wow.)

Made me laugh. (It's pretty much how I cook.)

This bunny.

A father's letter to his young daughter.  Right on.  What a wonderful dad.

And this.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.

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