Lemon Drop Cocktail

My friend, Stephanie, and I went out for cocktails and a tasty meal the other night (I got the mother of all comfort foods... mac + cheese).   I love this girl, her sensitivity and honesty. She's just delicate enough in her care for me as a friend while also being straight-forward and firm in her dealings with me.  She's a protector and a champion when I lack that for myself.  Steph's a keeper but we hardly ever get to hang out anymore.  So we made this night a good one to tide us over 'til the next one. 

lemon drop cocktail - lucky's montecito

It should be noted that I've been the designated driver when going out with my friends for months... months!  I wanted to enjoy a delicious cocktail or two.  And, holy man, did I ever.  We hit up Lucky's , where they mix the drinks in the shaker at your table (why?  to show it's fresh?  to be all sassy-like?  I don't know.).  Anyway, because I'm forever a six year old who most loves sugary sweetness, I got the lemon drop cocktail.  And then I ordered another one.  And then I was very thankful I didn't have to be the designated driver this time around so I could enjoy my new favorite drink.  Want to try it out?  Here's a lemon drop recipe.  Don't forget the sugar on the rim.  Must. have. the. sugar.

Add a bestie and the night is made.
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