For Your Monday

This is the little hug of encouragement I need and, if you need it too, here ya go... take it slow, be bold, hold off a tiny bit, let yourself be compelled... wherever you are, just take a step.  Because eventually that baby step turns into your natural stride.  Go ahead.  I've got your back.

My apologies for skipping the weekend wrap up; I just couldn't manage to get my thoughts together to post.  This Mother's Day hit me hard.  I'm missing my mother more than ever as I grow fuller into my life.  I'm missing the memories I never got the chance to share with her.  But I hold the handful of memories I do have so wide and true.  Losing her when I was so young sure did allow me the insight of the beauty of the life we have and the sensitivity to love and appreciate that very distinct feeling of being alive.  So of the many gifts she shared while she was here, this is one she gave me in her death.  I am so overwhelmingly thankful for having known her. 

Enjoy a beautiful week ahead, friends. 

[small steps]
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