Chocolate Avocado Mousse

avocado chocolate mousse - via adventures in cooking

I can't even with this dessert.  Back story: Have I shared that I never tasted an avocado before I moved to California?  It's true.  Once, when I was a nanny for the sweetest most lovable little baby in the North End of Boston, the mom (also sweet and lovable) asked me to pick up an avocado; which is pretty much the best food for a baby's brain.  The fat in that bad boy is tremendously healthy and vital.  But, and don't judge, I didn't know what an avocado looked like.  I didn't.  I had to ask the small Italian man in the tiny grocery shop to point them out to me.  He spoke little English and I, the shame of my grandparents because of it I'm sure, spoke no Italian.  It was a very beguiling conversation about avocados.  I learned so much and so little that day; so very little.  Do we bite into the skin like an apple? (you can imagine how that part of the conversation played out with hand and mouth motions; a little freaky probably.)  But after getting back to the apartment, I sliced the avocado open and gave bits at a time to baby Laura, who loved it; without ever trying it myself.  Until I moved to California; because- did you know?- they're growing in people's back yards around here.  And, as it turned out, I eat a couple a week nowadays.  At least.

But now look!  A recipe to mix it in a chocolate mousse.  The ultimate, don't you think?  I mean, at first it might seem kind of gnarly, but I bet it's delicious.  I will make this and I will enjoy it every day until the end of my days.


[Full avocado chocolate mousse recipe via adventures in cooking]
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