Instagrammer Favs


I've really been enjoying instagram lately for reasons like these; some wonderful photos from some of my favorite instagrammers.   Elizabeth Messina captures the most stunning images.  Also, they are unapologetically feminine.; which, you know, I've got to let myself be every now and again.

 Emily Henderson is the kind of woman who must light up the room; she's funny, spirited, talented, and has a cute and smiley baby.  What's not to love?

DesignLoveFest has consistently colorful and well-composed images.  I love seeing them in my feed.  Instant party.

Local Milk makes me want to consciously grow, make, and eat my food; slowly and with purpose; thankfully and with friends.  Local Milk makes me want to live simply and with lots of gatherings of people I love (and to maybe someday spend some time in Tennessee).

There's nothing that brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness like seeing a dog, or a puppy, or a puppy with a grown dog, or any variation of anything happy that's related in any way to dogs.  So The Dogist is pretty much the greatest Instagrammer ever.  Ever. 

I'm not sure how I found out about Lune Vintage, but I'm glad I did because she is such a cool salt-of-the-earth kind of person, with two adorable children.  The littlest Eve (above) steals my heart.  Seriously. 

Munster Rose is a floral stylist with some mad skills.  Really beautifully done designs and beautifully photographed.  I guess I'd use the word "delighted" to describe how I feel when I see her flowers.  Simple, to the point, no excess, but somehow still full and radiant.

Ah man, this guy takes some incredible photos.  They make me feel free; and they make me love the beauty in my own life.  Not too shabby, Poses Awkwardly.  These images make me feel alive; like taking a road trip with one friend or a pack of friends to somewhere completely uncluttered by the world. So good.

Witty + smart takes on life, subtle and in a totally captivating way.  Thug Life Forevs is a cool one. Her series are so clever, too.  I don't just quickly look at her photos, I do a double, sometimes triple, take on the images.  I like that.

Who are your favorites?
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