Make 37 / DIY Ombre Jenga

ombre jenga diy

Something I just don't do enough of (if at all) these days is play games; board games and the like.  My brother, Stephen, and I used to play all sorts of games to pass the time when we were kids and only had limited allotted TV watching.  It was a good bonding time, I think.  But we fought like mad (and then made up one and a half minutes later).  Board games are healthy like that; strategic, social, interactive, maddening, and fun.  And, anyway, I want to collect them so that when my friends visit I can make some drinks, put out snacks and make an evening of it.  And I want to start my collection with this pretty ombre jenga set (this game is a challenge for my overly excitable tendencies).

Would you make this?  Do you like board games?  If so, what are your favorites?

Here's the full ombre jenga diy via lovely indeed.

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