2013 Wrap-up

2013 was the kind of year that, if I was given a heads up about what was about to happen on the surface I would have probably given up before it even began.  But luckily, I went into it- as usual hopeful and clueless- with dreams in my head and, somehow, came out of it lifted.  That's the beauty of life.  It hands you a divorce, an extra dose of heartache, and a handful of choices; and I made the decision to focus on the blessings in my life rather than the burdens.  It changed me.  This divorce, this year, the experiences, reminded me- day after day- of the love present around me and the hugeness of love + strength in me.  It's been a blessing.  Sebastian's friendship has been a blessing.  The peace and clarity, the pain and sadness, the fear, the loss of hope and then its reemergence has been a blessing.  All of it.  I am thankful for every piece of 2013.  Here are my favorite highlights.  Grab a warm drink and enjoy...

I got caught up in the Instagram craze (thankfully, I managed to stay clear of the selfie epidemic).  Come check out my year over there, if you'd like.

And shortly after I moved into my new home, it was featured on A Beautiful Mess- which was really neat.

I bit the bullet and dove into being photographed for the Style series on this blog, in collaboration with Loyal Dog Photography.  It expanded my creative possibilities and have had more fun with it than I ever expected (thanks, Myriah!).  Here are some of my favorites: The Anchor .... Pop of Color .... The Big Blue Balloon .... The Red Bow .... A Hint of Gold .... Beach Silhouette .... and The Sunhat.

There were fancy cocktails + treats like:  Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whiskey .... Lemon Sorbet Prosecco .... Frozen Raspberry Pomegranate.... and of course this Spiked Hot Chocolate.  Plus some delicious food to graze and feast on like.... Cardamon and Vanilla dessert .... Color Dipped Marshmallows .... Red Velvet and Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies .... and, because I can't live without good bread, Italian Ciabatta.

Pretty clothes like: the Stone Cold Fox collection .... These Dresses .... my friend, Deja, always has a stylin' something on .... and Stripes!

Things to make like:  Heart Flats .... Party Blowers .... Ink Effect Linens .... and Faceted Clay Rings.

Random pretties like:  Storefronts .... Floral Photography .... Beautiful Styling .... Office Ideas .... Home Details .... and THIS.

Local Businesses I love like:  Copperfield's .... Sama Sama .... George .... Warbler Records .... Art Essentials .... and Coffee Cat.

Friends + Family:   A day at the Primer Nationals ....  The nieces and nephews (more) .... Visiting my peeps back east here + here .... A Mini-Roadtrip! ....  An Afternoon Visit .... This .... I'm so thankful for the constancy of our friendship .... and, naturally, Mars the Dog.

Guest Posts:  On Motherhood

Collection launches:  here , here, and here + some fun behind the scenes shots.

And finally: Wit + Wisdom

Hope you enjoyed seeing my 2013 life in review.  Not so shabby, all things considered.
I'll be back after the new year begins with new goals and wishes (and crossed fingers + toes).
Until then, have a safe and spirited New Year's Eve.
And, really you guys, thank you for following along.  You make my life fuller.

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