This is my resolution

I had big plans today, this very first day of 2014, in which I would list out my goals for the coming year.  Motivating, right?  But what I started to notice is that, when it comes right down to it, every one of them roots back to creating beauty in my life; peaceful, calm, inspiring, uplifting beauty.  And, er, organizing my life a little more succinctly.

So I'm feeling incredibly drawn to this quote, " This is your life... Make it beautiful. "  It was taped inside each Christmas card I gave to my siblings this year; it's up in my office (above photo) so I can see it daily; it's written in my journals more than is probably necessary; and it streams through my mind when the sunshine stills me, when I package orders, when I imagine designing a space, when I hold a little one in my arms (human or pet), when I rest on my bed and stare at the light coming through the lace curtains, when I make a delicious cocktail, or come up with a product design, an idea, a spark of something all new that makes my stomach flip and my heart pound.  All beautiful.

I've also decided to be conscious of my own beauty.  It's tricky navigating through the inevitable self-doubt and insecurities I've insisted upon over the years.  But, you know what?  That shit makes a mess of a girl and I'm not about to be okay with that.  So my balance will be this: I'm going easy on myself.  I've felt my peace and strength this past year and I felt true moments of radiance.  It has made me feel miraculous and beautiful and it's not something I ever ever ever want to stifle ever again.  Ever.

This life is trippy, awesome, overwhelming, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes tragic, sometimes twisted.  It's wild and free and hopeful.  There are wishes and dreams.  There are kindred souls and there is sacred love.  There is beauty.  There is always always a choice that can move me forward, along, into a more passionate life.  And I choose to make this little powerful one I am living a beautiful life.

And when I stumble and roll away, I resolve to take a nap.

How about you?  Take away the make-up, the clothes, the hair style... what makes you feel your beauty?  I'd love to open up the comments again.  So if you'd like to share below, please feel free to!

Wishing every one of you a year that lets you feel your beauty.  Here's to it, friends!

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