Some things...

 san luis obsipo - tree

I tried not to get too caught up in having to take people photos over Christmas; all that posing starts to feel fake after a while and so I decided to just enjoy what I'm doing and leave it at that.  But I did snap a few (and I can't help but feel lucky living in a world where things like these exist)....

mars the dog

I spent a nice Christmas visit in San Luis Obispo with my ex-mother-in-law and felt overwhelmed with how lucky I am to still have her and Sebastian in my life even after our divorce. So I let myself enjoy all the good things about that and now I'm readying myself for a new year (more on my goals and wishes for 2014 in a post or two next week).

Until then, here are some fun links from around the web...

I'm going to try these hanging stars next year.

Good god, how cute.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend, friends.
I'll be back soon enough with a round-up of my favorite Wish List posts from 2013!
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