This week: creative meetings and pretty things...

meridian studios - santa barbara

I snapped these photos (above) of one of my favorite spaces in town.  As far as I can tell, they're a collection of art + design studios.  I've long dreamed of having a one here for my company.  Maybe maybe... someday.
A good chunk of my week was spent on custom orders and (I'm so excited about this...) on a collorative project with a friend of mine.  My mind has been filled with huge creative possibilities on career expansion.  I'm really thrilled and cannot wait to share it all with you in the coming months.  Below are my journals/ notebooks of custom work, lists, and creative ideas- all with me at my meetings this past week (plus a delicious hot ginger dragon drink from Coffee Cat)

creative meeting and journals

Here's a peek at a pearl beaded vintage lace veil for a customer (it's for this design)...
catherine masi -  bridal veil detail

And then some pretty pieces of nature in my home.  See that adorable bay leaf pocket?  It is a handmade gift from this recent DIY from Rebecca, the wonderful + talented mother of Erin + Cody- both models for a couple of my collections and a photography assist on my last photoshoot.  She is a kind and thoughful woman and I feel so thankful for her sweet gesture (plus... who doesn't love receiving a lovely piece of mail like this?!)

flowers and gifts

Behind the scenes of all of this is our house in the process of a major de-cluttering + clearing out.  We are needing more productive and efficient use of our studio and storage spaces, so I hopped on the chance to have a yard sale yesterday.  I thought, in between the rummagers stopping by and collecting new purchases, I'd kick back and enjoy the warm sunshine (it got really hot, so I had to crack out the umbrella) and a book I've been trying to finish (it's kind of dense, so it's taken me longer than it probably should.).  Plus a cup of coffee.  It was a nice + successful morning...

Enjoy a great Sunday, friends.
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