On Motherhood /1/ Guest Post

Welcome to the first in a series of motherhood posts, guest written by Amy, mother of two young boys, over at Raising Men, Finding Me.  I fell in love with her writing style instantly.  It's simple but adorned with the kind of beauty and insight that only authenticity can offer.  I feel so honored that Amy has agreed to share her intimate world of motherhood in her lovely and touching style once a month here on Wish List.  And I have a feeling she'll connect with so many of you mothers out there, perhaps in a way I can't.  Here are her words, her thoughts, all rooted in love.  Enjoy them. 

Musings... Being a stay at home mama, I am a work in progress. My progression is a slow, laborious one, like a massive stone wheel that requires great effort and strength in order to complete one rotation. Piles of dirty laundry, dishes with cold, hardened melted cheddar cheese shreds stuck to them, a sticky kitchen floor littered with crumbs - these are the mediums that I work with while I weave my tapestry of motherhood. Under the couch in our living room, a family of dust bunnies settled in for the winter. I evict them every now and again, but they return after their holiday, bringing new family members with them - you know what they say about how rapidly bunnies multiply. Each morning, my three year old asks me, “What do you want to do with me today, Mommy?” So much importance seems to hinge upon my answer, and yet, it is of little consequence to him on any grand scale – he is just looking to be entertained in that moment. A game, perhaps, or maybe a puzzle; just something to do to pass the time together while the morning sun’s beams begin to stream into the windows, creating patches of warmth through-out our home. He chooses a book while my coffee brews. Upstairs, my younger son sleeps, generously allowing his older brother this coveted uninterrupted pocket of time with Mama before her lap repeatedly disappears when she rises to answer the various timers that ding during the day. That first sip of hot coffee, the crack of the spine of the book as he opens it, and the nestling into Mama’s lap to listen to a story - these are the moments of motherhood that I will muse about to you when they next slumber.

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