This week: Impromptu fun + adornments...

Have I shared with you the part of me that always feels like I need to work work work?  That if I don't work work work then I'm slacking and if I'm slacking I'm not contributing and if I'm not contributing then I'm failing.  Well, now you know.  I'm a freak about having a work ethic.  BUT... I've more recently discovered the value in having some down-time.  It's changed me considerably and, I have to say, I really really love it.

This week I had some much beloved time off- just for a couple of afternoons but it was enough to relax and focus on what I love about life.  Stuff like this...

We had an impromptu road trip about an hour or so up the coast to Santa Ynez and wandered around with no direction.  First ended up discovering this lovely lavender farm (I bought locally made lavender honey + lavender lip balm.)

We kicked back with a bite to eat.

Here's a really good example of how incapable I am of posing like a normal person.  I'm always in the middle of an animated somethingorother and often lack the ability to sit still and smile into the camera.  Silliness.

Anyhow, the food was delicious.  Then we found a country road and took a walk along it.

The day was warm and sunshiny.  Perfect.

Earlier in the week Sebastian's mom and her sweet friend came into town to take us out for a belated birthday lunch for Sebastian.  We tried out a new pizzeria.  It was so tasty; all of it.

(very very good cappuccinos + espressos)

But, naturally, I got some work done.  Still building up that collaborative project- it's coming along beautifully!  Designing + constructing a batch of neat custom orders and completed a new shop site .

Plus, a few great links from around the web:

I've always been fixated with paper art, but feel I'm just plain lazy (and not as skilled) to just do some like these myself.

 Tavi Gevinson on The Colbert Report.  Happy to see she is a sweet + good humored person.

Enjoy a nice weekend, friends.

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