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I love cheese.  I grew up in an all Italian family. We ate a lot of cheese.  A lot of cheese.  We also ate a lot of meat.  But when I tried my hand at veganism for ten years, it horrified my family.  In particular, it confused my Aunt Clara.  Don't mess with a Long Island Italian... "Will you eat Chicken Parmigiana?  NO?  But you'll eat veal, right?!".
It didn't go over well.

A few years ago, I went from vegan to vegetarian and now eat cheese again.  It's been a wonderful experience to delve into the array of tastes and textures and aromas.  I'm no expert on anything really when it comes to cheese, but I do know that it makes me feel blissed out after one bite.  This is largely thanks to C'est Cheese.  It's a wonderful cheese shop in town and, holy of holies, it's so worth dropping by to choose from their cheeses and other treats.  Here's why...

 Pairing is not my specialty by any means, but they know their stuff here and they'll happily help you out with that.  I got the selection above left.   And then there's this...

And the happy people who make this place awesome 
(the owners Michael & Kathryn Graham, to the right...)

 C'est Cheese's selection is fantastic both for everyday + specialty holiday dining.
My Aunt Clara would be proud (p.s. they also have a vast meat selection)

C'est Cheese
825 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, California

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