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If you haven't already caught on, it's Valentine's week.  Some people flip out over this day, and of course others would rather it be crushed dead.  I'm in neither category.  But if I were to choose a stance, I'd stay away both from banking on Valentine's day to be the only proof that someone loves me and from encouraging the bitterness that comes with feeling a lack of love if there were no one in my life to tell me so.

Sebastian is, clearly, on one end of this spectrum.  He thinks it's a ridiculous holiday.  And I'm good with letting the day pass without any fanfare.  My favorite times, February 14th or otherwise, are the moments of joy that pop up when the sky is wide and clear and there is laughter surrounding me and those I love. 

So this Valentine's week is being kicked off with this thought inspired by the above words and image; the awareness of the hugeness of beauty around us, whether we feel we are surrounded by love or not, I can assure you that you always are...

[ photo from this beautiful post on The Fresh Exchange ]
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