Once Upon a Time / 34

I had some nice down-time this past week; not a whole day off but enough snippets of calm, hanging out, and relaxation to instill me with enough clarity and motivation to move along to my next stage of work. 

I like times like these because I get to have much needed time with friends and it also gets my creative ideas a space to thrive- which is always great.  I came up with a few new concepts for the business, including collaborative projects.  More on that in the coming months.

Anyhow, here is my week in pictures; give or take...

An afternoon at the beach after a tasty meal at one of my favorite lunch spots  (such a beautiful day).

sebastian and mars at the beach

happy drink at the beach

mars the dog at the beach

Hair accessories for customers (these materials are so flipping lovely).

silk, velvet, chiffon bridal headpiece - catherine masi

lace and pearl 1920s style bridal accessory headpiece - catherine masi

Grabbing a drink and chips with my peoples.



I stopped by a Valentine's bake sale at a preschool where some friends' children go.  This was my stash.  (those Unicorn Poop sugar cookies were insanely tasty.)

valentine's day cookies

And some really wonderful links gathered this week from around the web...

This video is all you need to bring you to your happy place.  Watch it all the way through.  I promise it'll make you smile.

I think this is accurate (and so uplifting, when you think about it.)

One night last week, I decided it would be a really good idea to start a facebook page for Mars the dog.  It's ridiculous, but you're welcome to join in on the ridiculousness HERE.

This song is dreamy.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend, friends.
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