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So far, after over ten years of living here, I have yet to feel desensitized to this California climate.  In fact,  I welcome the sunshine every single day.  Having lived plenty of dreary weather days to get my fill for my lifetime, I soak it all up, unabashedly.  I've become such a wuss when we take Mars out for his evening dog-walk in 55 degree weather; embarrassingly, I bundle up.  I'll throw on mittens.  

 Thinking back to my days growing up in New England I should know better, having had to walk a long mile at 6:45am every morning to catch the school bus when it was 20 degrees and rainy, I sound like my dad retelling his story of how he had to walk three miles up-hill in a blizzard with holes in his shoes (this is nearly true, he says he only had to go uphill part way...!).  I feel I should be a little tougher during these mild California winters.  I crave the sun after two days of rain... you'll see little trace of my upbringing in the Northeast at times like this.  Except that when the sky is dreary, I reach for color.

 This DIY from Oh Happy Day is a good one for bringing light and color into your home when the sun and warmth is otherwise hiding out for a while.  Hang them as a mobile in the middle of the room, above your favorite sitting space,  as a window decoration,  or in your bedroom so this burst of color is the first thing you see when you wake up...

painted ornament diy

[Here's the entire painted ornaments DIY ]
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