Once Upon a Time / 33

I've started to say, "Why the heck not?" to exploring and this is what resulted of it this past week...

A reminder.

live a good life - B. On Main

 Tons of color + material to gawk at and to do everything in my power to refrain from fondling. 
(The photos above and below I took while shopping for a friend's birthday gift at B. On Main in Ventura)

colorful glasses - B. On Main     
colorful glasses - B. On Main
iridescent server - B. On Main
colorful fabric yoyo scarves - B. On Main
decorative wine bottle corks - B. On Main
 velvet silk dress - B. On Main
I also drank probably too much coffee.
This one at Palermo in Ventura.

latte and scone
See the little heart + feather in the one below? Such a pretty surprise.
(thank you very much, nice barista at Cafe Luna in Summerland.)

heart and feather design - latte

And then back at home, stuff being worked on in our studio space like Sebastian painting these watercolor sketches for a tattoo client

owl watercolors - sebastian orth

A popular new shop necklace, getting wrapped to ship out...

sterling silver circle necklace - catherine masi

new packaging I've been tinkering with...

silk ribbon and rhinestone detail packaging

And, finally, this.

pay more attention - catherine masi

This came to me late one night so I had to write it down here.  I find this to be true.  
Slow down, observe, follow the details.

Also, some links from around the web:

I love dogs.

The universe conspires in favor of love.

This song is stuck in my head.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.
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