Once Upon a Time / 28

christmas tree lights

This year, Sebastian and I kicked off our holidaying with our friend Steph for a rooftop gathering.  We kept it low key and packed the best-worst beer, some chips and salsa, and leftover Italian cookies.  We named it, thanks to the PBR, Hipster Christmas (or, as I'm just now putting together, Hipsmas.  I may need to trademark that.

hipster christmas toast with pabst blue ribbon beer

It looks like Sebastian is photo-bombing this picture, doesn't it?

hipster christmas

But then the next morning, on Christmas Eve, we headed north to San Luis Obispo to visit with Sebastian's family... 

How beautiful is this drive?!

pacific coast

Mars is at first excited to go in the car, but then he begins to realize it'll be a while until he can get out and run.  So this is what he does...

mars the dog

and then this...

... and then this...
mars the dog boxer yawn

We are lucky enough to have views of the hillsides along the Pacific ocean, too.  
It's such a happy drive.

   pacific coast hillside

Here's our niece.  Once she arrived with her parents, we explored grandma's (Sebastian's mom) yard together...

garden walk 

... and picked a bouquet of flowers.  Sweet sweet.

sweet face and flower bouquet

She shared about 6mm of this cookie with me and then gave the rest to Mars because she thought he sat there patiently (can you tell how focused he was on that cookie ?)

cookie eating and dog focus

 Here's Sebastian's mom tuning and playing the new toy guitar (which in turn really made me want to take out my own guitar when I got home.  I think I will brush up on that this coming year... I've gotten rusty!)

 pam tuning a colorful toy guitar

I love this photo of us so much... the colors, the personalities (oh, Mars),  everything.

cath and pam

and, of course, a cute mother and son duo...

sebastian and his mom

And then, as part of the close to our Christmas journey, we headed back home stuffed, sleepy, and thankful...

pacific coast

pacific coast hillside

I'll be back soon with a year end round up of my favorite posts from 2012.
In the meantime, enjoy a peaceful close to the year.
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