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Over the last week I've made a concerted effort (with the many parts of myself) to stay removed from the rush mentality of this holiday season.  I think it worked.  What I mostly did, after getting the last of the holiday orders out and family cards and nieces + nephews gifts shipped, was to focus on the quiet of the house.  I placed vases of wintery flowers around and took as much time as I wanted just looking at them.  Like these large camellia branches from our yard (doubling as a Christmas tree(s)!)...

beautiful camellia flower branches in vase - a lovely and creative unconventional alternative to the christmas tree

plus these little mason jar bouquets wrapped with a label and silk ribbon for neighbor gifts...

floral bouquets in mason jars - great neighbor gift idea

... and this arrangement that I put in our fireplace (it's not in working condition right now, so I normally place a bunch of white candles in it during the winter, but decided on these this time around -those mums are incredible, aren't they?)...

winter bouquet arrangement in a fireplace

 But what would the week before Christmas be without just a bit of gift wrapping?   To avoid going nutty over consumerism, I select one or two gifts for each person (mostly nieces and nephews) and wrap them with extra pops of festivity.  I get a little too into this part, I think.

gift wrapping

Anyhow,  I will be taking a space of time off, but will return with a post or two by week's end.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a wonderful time celebrating with the person or the people you love.  If you are working, or aren't with the one you love with all your heart, or don't celebrate this time of year, here is joy and peace and hope in a love-filled wish from me to you.

[the joy image is not mine, but can be found here]
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