Once Upon a Time / 2

Some shots from my week, so far...

I love this old (former) church up the street from our house.  I not-so-secretly want to buy it and make it into a home.  I think that would be so cool.  
Instead for now, I walk by it, dream a little, and sneak in an impromptu photoshoot with my chocolate + peanut butter shake (in which a sampling of bee pollen was added to make me feel like it's healthier, when really- who am I kidding... I'd drink it anyway).

Who doesn't love a patch of daisies?

And oh my god, this chunk of candy here mimics- only what I can assume is- crack.  My friend, Jetta, is quite the baker and often brings us bags of this sort of thing whenever she visits town from LA (including peanut brittle with bacon for Sebastian).  I had one little bite of this sprinkled treat, and I swear to you, I was bouncing off the walls.  Ah, sugar... simultaneously, my worst + very best friend.  
Thanks, Jetta!

I recently received a request to donate for a silent auction for the American Cancer Society.  Since my friend, Heidi, is chairing the event and also because my mother passed away from cancer when I was little, I was all set to offer up a couple of my designs for this fundraising effort.  I got inspired from these two necklaces  (the *Stardust* + the *Gentle Glow*)  so I decided to go with both for the donation package... 
a happy + glowing duo.

Until next Once Upon a Time (lots of fun stuff coming up!)...
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