Word for the Week:: Invigorate

Holy wow, am I needing a pick-me-up.  I think no single day off in three weeks finally caught up with me and... smack.  Pooped.
I started this new thing, lately, which is if I can't take a full day off, then I'll give myself little breaks maybe every few days, for a couple hours.  This has helped, but I've yet to make it consistent in my routine.  So here's to making it happen from this week forward.  I'm hopeful that it well help to reinvigorate me when the weight of the work load lovingly beats me down.  I'm lucky that I , at least, enjoy what I do most days.  Other days... eh.  But there's a balance.
That extra dose of energy, vibrance and gusto will have to come in the following forms...

* Morning and afternoon tea

* Breathe in the rain

* And then the sunshine

* Follow with a cat nap

* Or a few swigs of espresso should do the trick

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