Into the Weekend... Peace within the chaos

 I'd like to reflect a bit on the people of Japan.  Their level of respect and connectedness and compassion for each other amidst the catastrophic events and chaos over there is honorable and noteworthy.  There has been a striking lack of vandalism, looting and violence... things that seem to happen at alarming rates in our own neck of the world during natural disasters.  It's quite a beautiful thing to witness Japanese culture in this way through photos and testimonials from tourists and citizens alike.  I'm blown away.  Seriously.  (Can you tell?)
So here are a few great images of goodness to take with you into your weekend...

* I feel silly overusing the word "darling".  But I think it's appropriate here.
(Charlotte Taylor - discovered through DesignLovefest)

* Cute.

* and happily peaceful.
(I can't lift my eyes from this painting.)
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