Top Five Tuesday:: The Yums

I should probably reduce the amount of sugar from my daily intake, but really I never will.  I do love me some sweets.  Bask with me through my Top Five picks for sugary goodness...

French Macarons  from Sparkles Kitchen... Etsy's current Featured Seller!

Vegan Fleur de Sel Vanilla Caramels from Cupakes in Jars

Lynne's Sweet Shop Truffle Pops... oh my gosh!

These and...

these from Sweet Vegan.

Probably not the best subject to post about when it's almost midnight and I'm craving chocolate chip pancakes ( I'm salivating over here.)
Dig in!

UPDATE: Jacqueline from Cincinnati, Ohio is the Ciara Obscura blog giveaway winner!  Thank you to everyone who participated...

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