Word for the Week: Giveaway!

This week's word is all about you, dear reader.   It's giveaway time and one lucky duck will receive a surprise grab bag of Ciara Obscura goodies.
Maybe a little something from here...
and here...
and here...
and even here...
Want in?  Follow the rules below and I'll announce the winner come Saturday.
Ready?  Go!
GIVEAWAY RULES (Deadline Friday, March 18th at 11:59pm PST):
* In the comments below, share your happiest memory of Spring.
* Hop on over to a few other Ciara Obscura blog posts and leave your thoughts in the comments section below each (no need to alert me of this yourself, I am notified of every incoming comment automatically).
* Extra points: Become a Facebook fan and suggest it to friends, if you'd like.
* Extra extra points: Maybe make an effort to be nice to someone today.  Kindness matters, don't you think?  And as a former teacher, I still find myself encouraging this sort of thing!
Good luck!
Big hugs,
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