Meet Talula the Bicycle

I'm very excited to introduce my new bicycle (vintage Huffy!).  She's been a labor of love... tuned up (thanks to the kind peeps at Wheelhouse), shined up red wine paint with just a hint of a sparkle, white handlbar grips with pink stitching, a gold and silver vintage styled bell straight from Japan, and a crocheted-esque Scandinavian basket with an ivory and pink flower attached (I may change that out from time to time).
Anyway, I adore this bike.  She's the perfect size for my not-so-tall-self and rides like a dream.  A special thank you to my folks whose thoughtful gift helped to bring sweet Talula into this world.

Here are the two of us together on the first day I took her for a little cruise.
And here we are daydreaming in one of my very favorite places.  This photo was taken while filming a  documentary short on me as the subject (yikes!) on a behind the scenes look of my creative process as an artist.  While I'm soooo nervous about how I come across in front of the camera, I am thrilled to share that the film crew were so encouraging, professional and wonderful.  More to come on that.  Meantime, aren't me and Talula (Lula!) a pair?  We're like BFFs.

Tomorrow morning I'm back on the job with a photo shoot.  This time, thankfully, I will not be the subject.  The models wearing the new Spring/Summer designs will be.  And I bet those girls will be perfect.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

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