Top Five Tuesday:: Blue

I've been a real freak for the color blue lately... in all it's hues and tones and shades and goodness.  Enjoy a selection of some fantastic beauties that happen to be in the blue family.

* A little while back, I received a hair adornment custom order based off the client's love for the blue in these Ball mason jars.  I just loved her reference starting point and I knew she'd be a fun customer to work with (she was!).  p.s. You can't get a sweeter vase than with these, either.  Don't you think?

* Wicked cute vintage shoe morsels from Wearing the Past.

* Pretty darn adorable illustration of one of my favorite things ever...
( Royal Typewriter by Nan Lawson )

* And this 

* And then this

I think the name *blue* got itself a bum rap.

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