Behind the Designs:: Photo Shoot

You know what's neat?  This is my 200th blog post.  And I had no idea until I logged in.  I started this blog with so much hesitancy a couple of years ago and now, as it turns out, I can't imagine not having this space to share my rantings on a nearly daily basis.  So YaY for this the 200th entry!  And I think it's good timing... I've evolved right along with my business and seeing the difference between where I was then and where I've gotten to now makes me realize just how much everything has expanded.  I like that... a real lot.

Anyhow, here are a few behind the scene photos from the S/S 2011 collection shoot last week.  I'll post some better ones when I get them from the photographer in another week or so, but these will do, for now.

 I got Mama protective with Kiel standing on that ledge with a 100 foot drop on the other side.  I (jokingly, of course) asked him where he keeps the photos and cash, in the event he goes over.  I am happy to report that he avoided any mishaps.  Here he is photographing Erika wearing, I think, a hair adornment.
 Backed into a corner, photographing Jennifer wearing a necklace.  He was capturing a really stunning backdrop that you can't see from this angle, but will be able to see in the final photo.

Somehow I got wrangled into this group shot (I think it was the last one for the day).  That's me front and center, with Jennifer and Erika looking so cute to either side.
 Pal extraordinaire, Steph (far left), helping to style the shoot, with Kiel directing model Andrea wearing a necklace, with Erika looking on.
 Steph styling Erika with a cluster of hair adornments.  I love this shot.

It was so much fun, you guys.  Kiel Rucker, as usual, was just perfect. And the models were beautiful.  I cannot CANNOT wait to see the final photos.  You, dear readers, will see them all when I launch the collection on my website in another week and a half.
Oh!  And Happy Saint Paddy's Day!
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