Earlier, I was out walking and saw a little girl under a tree in her front yard, belly flat on her swing, swaying back and forth in her own little world . Instant envy. I mean, geez, I can't be the only one who lived on swings when I was younger, can I? I used to close my eyes and let myself fly over oceans and fields of wild flowers and when my belly wildly flipped... holy crap... exhilarating.
When I got home, a link on Cup of Jo popped up- almost shouting , "See?! SEE?!!! You're not the only one!" This time... indoor swings. Oh the love.

Now I just have to figure out where the hell I can hang one in our place so I won't massacre every piece of furniture and trinketry in the spaces where the swing will naturally want to fly. Tricky.

And, speaking of childhood and dreaming... please check out this wonderful organization, Fresh Air Fund. It offers inner city children to either stay with host families for a part of summer in nature or they offer camps for the children to get away from the hectic pace of the city so they can enjoy the many comforts and peace of nature. I'll be giving a percentage of profits from the sales on my website through to the end of June to this cause. And if you don't wear accessories, I encourage you to go straight to Fresh Air Fund's website to donate directly.

Enjoy a lovely lovely weekend, peeps.

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