Beauty into the weekend...

Some things to perk up your weekend...


This awesome blog.... Thxthxthx . I can't get over how perfect this concept is.

Laziness... (of the wonderful-good-for-your-bones persuasion)

This vintage dress from Mouse Vox. A lovely little summer ditty...

Last day for the Ciara Obscura May Giveaway. Hop on over (HERE)

And one last thing... For all you mothers out there who guide your children to be kind and compassionate and authentic beings- who teach your children to say "please" and "thank you"- who encourage your children to respect others by holding them accountable for their own choices- who love and hug and laugh and stumble, but get back up again- who may not have children of your own but whose boundless love and appreciation for life creates a lasting impact in the lives of children (and children at heart) in the world around them... for all of you... Enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day.

Photo Credits: (glowing female) Papaya, (cupcakes) Heidi Adnum, (tree friend) Double Parlour
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