My $500 Shopping Spree.

I'm planning on a mass amount of cash to magically appear on my lap out of nowhere some day soon and so this is what I'd do with the first $500:

I'm pretty sure I would just sit home wearing these while drinking port all day, if I could get away with it. Charming Darling underthingies ($110) by Toad Lillie

This Dreamy Blue Lili clutch ($72) by  Bagatelles and Co is all like, "Hey, Cath!  PSSSSSSST!!! You NEED this clutch so that your days can be measured in soft fluffy clouds and beams of sunshine... and also tactile fulfillment."

 This set of three hanging bowls ($74) by Vessels and Wares would have a lovely spot in the kitchen so Mars the Dog will no longer be able to reach the apples, oranges and lemons (AKA: Oh boy! For ME?!!! Brand new ball toys!! [insert wiggle butt here] )

About 3000 yards (I'll start with ten) of this Everything-About-It-Is-Perfect ribbon (Deep Plum- $5.00/yard) from Bocage

This super adorable Ada coat ($195) by Little Houses

Alright, well, I'm $1 over.  So I'll just splurge on another $3.50 (plus tip!) out of pocket and get that vanilla latte I'm currently willing to kill for.

What would you do with $500 (given all bills are already paid... live a little, will ya?!)
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