I'll make my own sunshine, thank you.

This day can't make up its mind.  I wake up to clouds and reserve myself to the fact that it's a day best spent indoors, project-mode, drinking tea (but, believe me, I'd be downing mugs of coffee right now if our machine didn't up and make its transition into heaven or nirvana or whathaveyou).  And then the clouds part and the sun shines perfectly out my window and instant guilt sets in.  It may be the New England girl in me, but I feel a desperate need to be outside each day the sun's out (which is pretty much everyday here in California)- as if it won't come around again for another few weeks and I need to savor the warmth... and vitamin D... or something.
But I need to be inside today... working, making, designing.  It's an okay sacrifice when you're indoors making something pretty.

Anyhow.  The sun wasn't out this morning and so my survival instinct went straight to thinking of colors.  Today's color, it appears, is fuchsia.

A little pop here...
and here... (my life would be empty were it not for garden roses and peonies.  Alright then... maybe that was a little dramatic.  But they are awfully lovely creatures to do without...) ... ♥Image: Papaya Art
 A little bit of Spunk for the ho-hums and doldrums...
And, holy god, feast your eyes on these gorgeous edible wafers by Sugar Robot...

See?  Making your own sunshine is easy.

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