I'm not pregnant.  Let's just get that out on the table.  I am also, currently, not prepared to start the adoption process or foster a child.  I love (certain) children immensely, but I am not prepared for one of my own... not now.  Maybe not ever.  Still unsure.

Doesn't matter.  Point is, I am enjoying looking at photos of nurseries lately... most likely because of the new wee ones that have entered this world via friends' and family's bellies (I'm gonna give a shout out to Ryland James and Emmett Arlo now... woot woot!).

Here are some of my favorites so far. (If I can find a way to download lil' Emmett's adorable robot/space room off of Flickr, I'll update the post with that in a couple of days)

Love the airy lightness and simplicity of this one.

Someone neat had the smarts to make this color combination work.  Very ambitious.  Very well designed.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a fan of nooks.  This little jewel box of a nursery is soft and peaceful and sweet as can be.

This one makes my heart flip.  Such great everything... including the daybed and that fantastic chandeleir.  I'd stick a little crib in there somewhere because I'd freak thinking about the babes rolling off that bed.  Still.  In love.

I'll, no doubt, come across more in the coming weeks.  If you see some you like, could you, pretty please, link to them in the comments?  I have another friend who's needing some inspiration yum yums for their nursery... this would help her out.  Thanks, peeps!
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