Plushie Art Show

 Steph and I hit an adorable exhibit on Saturday night...  "Go Ask Alice" a doll and plush art show at Paul Cumes Gallery.  I needed to take home every one of these- most especially the ones with the black and white striped legs and black shoes.  This is a tiny selection of my long list of favorites.

Pretty cute coupling.  I'm a fan of those eye patches and their shirt.


This rabbit by Lana Crooks wooed us.  And that's the (beyond) talented and sweet as heck Steph somewhat color coordinated with the rabbit- a fact that I didn't notice until just now.
Stephanie is Stephanie Bodine, proprietress of great and wonderful embellishments for designers/artists/stylists/costumers at Bocage. Hop to here to read a feature I did on her and Bocage and here to check out her site.  Totally worth perusing through and grabbing some incredible treasures.


My favorite... Alice's legs mounted on the wall.  Really awesome.  And me, not two minutes after spilling a delicious hot chai tea on the floor just a few feet away.  I am NOT a multi-tasker.  This includes my inability to walk- nay- stroll slowly- while drinking (or talking on the phone, or waving) without tripping over nothing.

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