Bridal Gift Ideas...

I have had a ton of custom requests lately for multiple orders of the designs in the photo above. Turns out that brides are digging these as adornments for themselves for their wedding showers and wedding days, and brides and wedding planners, alike, are snatching these up to give to the gals in the bridal party. It had never dawned on me to suggest these as gifts for bridesmaids~ but it makes perfect sense, don't you think?

The flower rings are appropriately named "Hope Chest Rings" for their obvious luminous and eternal blooming quality. They are stylistically reminiscent of the Victorian era with a stellar modern aesthetic; though one of the origins of the actual hope chest itself extends back to Renaissance Italy in dynastic families... making the regal nature of the ring's design that much more alluring.

The "Contrast" pendants and rings are simultaneously sweet and sassy, subtle and bold, casual and elegant. Customers as diverse as traditional to unconventional brides, and Rockabilly gals to Soccer Moms are buying these... I had no idea the impact this design would have. Very exciting. I'm debating extending this design into the Spring/Summer 2010 collection~ but for now I'm keeping it a Ciara Obscura "Limited Production Design". Snag 'em while you know they're still around.

I'm so looking forward to the Autumn and Winter seasons. I can feel my heart leaping out toward them. And having pretty things to wear only makes it that more enjoyable.
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