For the love of Aprons

No doubt aprons are one of my happy things. Funny, too. Or, better yet, ironic, since I'm not much of a cook or baker or homemaker, in general. Or at least I've never wanted to identify myself as such. But in the past several years I've learned to come to terms with my home being my refuge, my go-to place from the crazy world out there. And, on top of that, because I work from home, the whole homemaker scenario started to find its way into my life. I resisted the notion of taking care of the house and cooking... that crap terrified me and I'll tell you why. Ten years ago, with my view of myself as a feminist (which, for the record, I still uphold), I would have slapped myself silly. I over communicated my concerns about this to my husband. And by "over communicate", I mean that I freaked out over the thought of settling into a gender specific role. No way, no how. I didn't work my butt off putting myself through Grad school and then managing my own company to be expected to homemake (I'm making that one word a verb). And the funniest part is, of course, Sebastian had no expectations of such things and still ends up doing most of the cooking and always helps with the housework. My fears got ahead of me (they tend to) and tried to limit my ability to make home my beautiful haven of goodness.

So, anyway, one of the guilty pleasures I allow myself (and there are many of these nowadays) is to wear aprons. One because they're practical as heck- especially if they have little pockets in them. And two because they make me feel like I can frolic in a field of wildflowers even when I'm cleaning up the kitchen.

They've become my newer obsession. And here are some to entice you, too:

This Embroidered Vintage Full Apron from TheBunnyHop on Etsy is miraculous.

A 1950's little blue apron with white ric-rac from VintageCottageGarden on Etsy... if this is still around tomorrow, I'm gonna snag it for myself. Perfect simplicity.

A darling little Retro purple polka dot half apron from GatheringVintage on Etsy... oh my gosh!

Pure bliss... this photo, in and of itself, is perfect, but the vintage Yellow Gingham apron is the icing on the cake- and what the heck... it's the cake, too. All in its buttery glory. From KirbyVintage on Etsy.

This adorable Darling in Pink vintage apron from NoodleandLouVintage on Etsy... the sweetness is palpable.
A sassy little number in this City Girl apron from yet another Etsian, TheCupcakeGoddess. Those pop of colors are making my brain crazy happy.

And, of course, a spanky little retro ware from Retroville (that Jettie is AMAZING at customizing these designs).

Also- putting on a cute apron is like having the ability to change your entire outfit in 3.2 seconds. I welcome that sort of easy access variety...

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