Blogs I love...

Thought maybe I'd share with you some of the blogs I check in with on a daily or weekly basis. They reflect my rampantly random personality and will, typically, appease my mood if I'm not feeling quite settled. Like, for example, if I've been working on a bulk of orders and need a break or need a push in transitioning from, say, house or yard work back to business. Very helpful.

Here's a non-exhaustive list: (and feel free to suggest others in the comments section)

The Art of Non-Conformity: Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work and Travel
Though I am fairly new to this blog, I've been digging the conceptual approach and little snippets of encouragement... making this lifestyle far easier than you might think. It just further solidifies my appreciation for being able to (mostly) live this way myself. Good stuff.

A Softer World 'cause it's just really great. (Thank you, Brian and Jen, for letting me know about this one)

Anahata Katkin: The Papaya Studio Blog
I'm pretty sure I can exist solely on this woman's artwork. A few years back I came across her line of cards and flipped over them. Incredibly stunning. Now she's expanded into the most luscious stationary and wall art... I visit her blog and the Papaya website way too often.

Dlisted Seriously. This guy's out of control and I highly suggest you do not read this with your children, if you offend easily, or if you are one of the people he nails in this insanity unleashed. *Disclaimer: I'm usually vehemently opposed to such bashing, but this guy leaves me no choice.

Pacing the Panic Room It should be stated that I am NOT a fan of American Apparel... the owner and their ads are just plain creepy. I could write a few posts on this, but I'll save you from that train wreck of a rampage. HOWEVER, this fine fellow's blog (though it contains a series of photos of American Apparel clothing being modeled by his lovely wife) really has nothing to do, directly, with the company. I know I know... get to the point. So here it is: the guy who writes Pacing the Panic Room is damn extraordinary. I'm in love with his brand of humor and wit and incredible insight. I'd recommend maybe starting somewhere near the beginning and just strap yourself in for a big long read.

Anyhow. There are more, but this is good for now since I have to shower and meet up with my friend and enjoy this perfect summer day. Damn it's a beauty.
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