♥ Lil' V ♥

This is my new niece, Veronica. But I like to call her Lil' V. She's adorable and peaceful and sparkly and happy happy and sweet as pie and I love her so so much. The gifted photographer, Ana Severance, did a photo session with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, Lil' V and their pup, Lola. I got a kick out of how they used Mama Maya's hair flower (The Olive Sparkle from my Ciara Obscura line) in babe's wee head of hair for a few of the shots. The photo above shows it placed on like a little teeny hat. Darn cute.
(*Disclaimer: Super cute for photo shoots like this one under adult supervision, but I don't suggest children under the age of three wear my hair adornments due to the potential choking hazard.)
Here's Mama Maya (wearing Olive Sparkle) and Lil' V. Uplifting, radiant and beautiful.
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