A tribute to those who have passed before us...

I have to question why it is that, repeatedly, the shows that I most love are the ones that get canceled early on in the series. For those in the know with the Masi/Orth household, we don't have cable and need an antenna to get in PBS and that one local channel on our tiny little TV. So, we end up never watching television, but instead wait several months to a year to get to see on DVD whatever show tickles my fancy, but, inevitably, meets its fate on the proverbial cutting room floor. Though I am incredibly thankful that Mad Men has managed a fanatical following and is in no danger of expiring anytime soon, I'm cautious still about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (INSANELY out of control hysterical) and am counting the episodes until it gets pulled due to a rampantly furious PC protest rally. But... Arrested Development, Wonderfalls, the British version of the original The Office and now Pushing Daisies... gone from the air but forced to usher in speedy and somewhat contrived endings to satisfy their lowly fans.
And I type this to share how very very sad I am that Pushing Daisies' life has been cut short- leaving me -and my 3.5 friends who shared the same adoration- without that juicy and radiant and vibrant and saturated with skittles of color all over the screen and with quick witted banter and touching and little kid giddiness that makes up this incredibly lovely and amusing show. Also, the set and costume design is the most fabulous thing ever and I weep just thinking about it.

R.I.P. Pushing Daisies (I suppose this is, if nothing else, appropriate.)

P.S. I had a velvet dress like this years ago that I've been trying to find again since I busted it open during one night of dancing at "80's Night" with a far too large glass of a Long Island Iced Tea in me. I need to find this dress for my very own again, if for no other reason, than to celebrate Charlotte "Chuck" Charles and life itself.

P.P.S. I'm still awaiting the final few episodes of the series to be delivered... so don't spoil the ending, please!
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