August Giveaway...

August's giveaway, to honor the final days of Summer, is a design from my FALL/WINTER line. I was going to choose a specific pendant to offer up, but just right this second decided to let you pick any one from the designs in the photos below. After perusing through, follow the rules for the contest and you're on your way to potential Winnerdom (it should be a word.). Here ya go:


GIVEAWAY RULES: (Deadline August 27th at 11:59pm)

1. In the comment section below this post, tell us why you NEEEEEEEED one of these pendants (Please include your contact email in this comment so I can easily contact you if you are the winner.)
2. Peruse through a few posts in this blog and comment on two of 'em (no need to let me know which ones, I'll automatically be notified when one is left).
3. Make a wish, cross your fingers and do something kind for someone today: any human, any animal: . I'm working off the honor system here. I'll trust.
4. You get extra brownie points when you click on to follow this blog (is that bribery? is it illegal? is it just rude?)

Much luck... and love... and hugs...
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