FALL ♥ WINTER Collection

After a few months of working on the designs, collecting materials, reworking the designs, drinking way too much coffee to fuel my mornings into afternoons into late late nights of putting it all together, and then drinking lots of tea to calm my nerves back down so I can finally get to bed... I've finally completed the Ciara Obscura Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection of jewelry and hair adornments. I'm super excited about this, most especially because of the fresh designs, but also because I've streamlined the line into, I hope, a really nonconventional but accessible aesthetic. See what you think.
I'm taking the day off today (or, at least that's my intention) so I can drive down to Ventura and hit those killer thrift stores and treat myself to a lil' sweet relief gift.
Just waiting for the sunshine to pour out so I can float in bliss.
That's the plan.
Contrast silver and fabric pendants

Traditional pendants... created by artist, Sebastian Orth, just for Ciara Obscura.

Lacy hair flower bobby pins

Catherine fascinator...
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