Moving along...

I don't think I'm ready for Summer to end. I don't think I ever am... which is sort of ironic seeing that I live in Santa Barbara, California where the climate varies only slightly from season to season. The New England girl in me will never ever go away. My wheels spin, my body acclimates, my creativity ebbs and flows to what should be the seasons, but really is just the biological rhythms of what my body has been used to for so many years growing up from a wee one to an adult in harsher, more extreme weather. After being in California for ten years, I've just become a wuss to the colder, damper days. It's embarrassing. Freezing when the temperature hits 63 degrees. Depressed after one and a half days of overcast weather. Really?! Shameful. I'm still okay with the rain though... but not for longer than a few days. I have The Cure's Disintegration there to help me through and a boat load of other walking cliche crutches.

Yep. Em-freakin'-barrassing. But I've come to embrace this part of me since I've no plans on moving back anytime within the next several decades (blame Sebastian for being even worse at handling the cold weather... long underwear in May! Geez louise.)

I think what I miss most about saying goodbye to Summer are the sweet little sundresses. That's right. I said it. The sundresses. This year I've been dying for a soft petal pink dress (Pink? Me?!!)... but have fallen pathetically short in finding one that actually fits me in any thrift or vintage store I've scavenged through. Very sad. Maybe next summer... I hope.

Until then... I force myself to be okay with Autumn and Winter coming along. And, honestly, I love it- deep down. 'Cause I'm still that East Coast New England girl who dives into apple cider, jumps in a whole huge pile of beautiful leaves, loves hayrides into the night, glides down hills on slick sleighs in the snow, makes deranged looking snow angels- by default, decorates the house for the holidays, makes useless but pretty lil' gifts that no one actually wants for Christmas and dreams of Spring and Summer meeting me at the horizon.

Life is lovely.
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