A shout out to Kiel Rucker Photography...

If you look to your right on this blog, you'll see an advertisement for Kiel Rucker Photography. It'll be worth your while to click onto it and peruse through his amazing work. Really, he's that good.

Also, he did a feature in his blog on my husband, Sebastian Orth, (with a wee mention of me and Ciara Obscura) for a great photo session he shot with Sebastian's tattoo clients.
I'll tell ya, I try to avoid being in front of the camera at all costs, so I was sure that by sitting back and watching the rest of the gang get photographed I could just relax and observe the peeps at work, getting all sassy with the camera and whatnot. But at the very end I got snagged in. That Kiel is one very professional, very very sweet and very very very talented photographer. He made the session , and its motley crew, a happy and at ease group... which made for an even nicer experience all in all.

I keep recommending Kiel to friends for weddings and portrait sessions (actually, he does a little bit of every occasion ... including dog photo shoots. LOVE it!!! Gonna get Mars in on that.). By now, he's got a whole army of fans... as he well deserves.

Here's the blog feature--> Tattoo Photo Session

See ya back here in a few days with more artists and then the launch of my favorite collection to date. Beyond excited.
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