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christmas holiday decor

This weekend I'm finally gonna get around to adding some pretty festive touches around my home.  I like to keep it simple... splays of greenery, pops of luminous color, reflecting light.  Anything that will make me want to plop down on my sofa and daydream; that's the goal.

When I was growing up, my brother Stephen and I used to hang out in the living room by the glowing tree, make up funny stories, play music, read books, and stare off into the sparkling lights feeling calm and thankful and excited for the warmth inside while the snow fell outside.  I do miss New England Christmases.  But I'll be sipping hot cocoa, popping on some records, and filling this little home with a little more nostalgia.

I'm also heading out for a dinner party tonight with talented and sweet friends and after having a most uplifting night with more artistically inspiring and insanely hilarious friends last night, I feel full of all good things.

So how about some neat links gathered this week from around the web?  Just for you...

This vintage style wireless speaker is so cool.

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous photos from this San Francisco wedding.

15 rare historical photos

Martha Stewart's prop room. (wow, overwhelming.)

Glass extension added to a London home...surprisingly beautiful.

Emily Henderson's living room tour.  Man does this woman know how to style space.

And then there's this bit of truth.

Enjoy a lovely weekend, friends.

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