Ultimate Guide to Books / 1

make and give - diy book

A heads up on another new feature on this blog... because I have a healthy (read: obsessive) relationship with books, I thought , "Hey!  Let's do this!".  *This being the weekly Ultimate Guide to Books Wishlist series.  This'll be a weird range of selections I mostly haven't yet read but have added to my dream list, so be prepared to stock your bookshelf with a solid variety of awesomeness.  Ready?

The first is Make & Gift: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day.  It's packed with fun projects like...
neon photo cards
personal storybook
secret love note shirt
essential housewarming gift guide
accordion cards
flower pin bouquets

I want to get in on some of these.  You?  Do you have book suggestions that you think Wishlist readers might enjoy?  Share share!

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