I'm knocked out sick (again) and am trying to figure out how to get work done, and tend to the people and the dog that depend on me, amidst the lethargy and aching.  I'll admit I'm a little overwhelmed with the multitude of projects and jobs I take on in addition to still learning how to process life post-divorce/ newly single (maybe I'll do a post on that soon?); much to the point where I'm feeling numb in moving forward.  What is that feeling?  And please someone else speak up if you understand this sensation.  Is it just because I'm not feeling well that everything just seems to overlap into this blah?  Extra tired? Probably so (I haven't had coffee in a couple of days, so that might be the culprit!)  At any rate, I'll be taking a couple days to sort the brain, the heart, the work load.  Until then... be well, friends.

[birds in flight]
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