Into the Weekend

rose gold bicycle

Damn, this bike.  Damn.
Anyhow... I'll be spending this weekend part socializing, part isolating myself.  It's been a productive week for the company; working on finalizing all details for the S/S 2015 line and my new intern Matthew started on (he's awesome).  I've also been working through some "this stage in my life" stuff, so fingers crossed I'll move through this with grace and hope intact.  The best and worst part is that it's all up to me.  Here goes nothin'.

In the meantime, for you...

Setting up your bar cart

Two weird flavors that make the best ice cream ever

Gift wrapping with fresh flowers

5 home lists you should make and keep

I'm a slow learner. (how good are you at this?  Good?  Teach me!)

Enjoy a good weekend, friends.

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