Making My Way Back

Taking some time off has really helped me to assess what the heck I want in life.  It's also confused the bejeezus out of me, but I know now that if I give myself just a little bit more time things will be clear.  And so that's where I am now.  Do you sometimes forget you have a choice?  We're told we have to suffer through so much in life in order to achieve anything, including happiness and peace- but you know what?  Struggles and confusion give us the contrast to know what we ultimately truly want; and that is so powerful, don't you think?  But what maybe we're not all aware of is the fact that we won't align with that happiness and peace if we stay stuck, immobilized, unchanged.  So the choice comes down to this:  Stay where you don't want to be or take that itty bitty courageous step toward where you do want to be.  There's no blaming anyone else for where you are.  It's all you.  Step slowly or leap, but just mobilize yourself.  A year from now, you'll be glad you did.

Happy Monday, friends...

p.s. here's what I was up to over the past week, if you'd like to have a peek...

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